The Lives of Tao, by Wesley Chu


During a recent excursion to the good ol’ Barnes and Noble, I came across this book. You must read it. Mostly you must read it so Mr. Chu can quit his day job and hurry up and right a sequel so I can then read that one too. But let me give you a synopsis if my desire for a sequel isn’t reason enough for you.

The premise of the Lives of Tao is that millions of years ago a race of aliens crash landed on Earth. These aliens are not able to survive in the Earth’s atmosphere, but have the ability to be absorbed by a host, ensuring survival. Essentially the aliens are symbiotes ala Spiderman, but instead of black goo, they are described as amorphous cloudlike entities that are absorbed by the host. I pictured a spectral Metroid. Additionally, the aliens are essentially immortal, and have been bonding with human beings since before we were human beings, and have consequently had some influence on nearly every major event in human history.

These aliens have since split into two rival factions, with humanity caught in the middle. Enter in our protagonist, an unsuspecting new recruit in the fight for humanity’s future. This book is a classic spy novel with prerequisite intrigues, gunplay, and romance, with science fiction influences incorporated for awesomeness. Read this book.


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