Why reading comicbooks is ultimately a futile effort

I had been writing a lengthy post when it got deleted, and I don’t feel like rewriting it. Sorry.

Here are the nuts and bolts: Comicbooks can be beautiful engaging stories. Taken singly, or in small groups, they are prime examples of how good a story can be. Viewed as a whole collective, reflecting on the decades of history most current titles have, comicbooks are a waste of time. Nothing ever truly changes. Characters rarely, if at all, stay dead, so there is no tension to build drama. Sweeping changes meant to evolve a character/characters rarely stick. DC comics recently rebooted their major titles, effectively letting them retell stories from two generations ago and calling it progress. It’s just frustrating and pointless, especially considering the monetary investment necessary to stay current with even a few character’s titles. *Sigh*


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3 Responses to Why reading comicbooks is ultimately a futile effort

  1. Robert says:

    I 100% agree with your view. I get that some people are really invested in the characters so they would rather continue the story and that a lot of the characters are too much of a cash cow to give up, but why even bother killing them any more if you know they are just going to come back. Why can’t a character age and give the mantel to a new generation. Maybe a new Superman shows up with slightly different powers and attitude. While Clark Kent may be no more, they can at least get new mileage out of a different character trying to take over for such a huge icon.

    • Wes J. says:

      I picked up one of the new Adventure of Superman comics, and they are starting all over, and I was immediately out. I’m not going to waste my time with it. My favorite version of Superman is in ‘Kingdom Come’ because Lois is dead, and he has to live with the changing world. Superman is essentially immortal, and that has tons of potential that for whatever reason they rarely utilize.

  2. timothy says:

    Kinda hard to kill off a cash cow in comics, and replacing superman with a not quite superman is lame. And if you are tired with not having story progress a character like the restart of superman, read some of the lesser known like red lanterns for example. Dc has also released earth 2 where I think that Lois might be dead.

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