Who I want to see in the next Avengers movie

Next Friday, the surefire smash success The Avengers hits theaters. The current roster is Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, and The Hulk. For those who don’t/didn’t read the Avengers comic,  nearly every hero in the Marvel universe has been a member of the Avengers at some time in history. This leaves the choices for new cast members wide open, and here are the characters I would most like to see in the future sequels.

Spiderman: I thought they would have used Tobey Maguire as Spiderman this time around, but he’s too old. Traditionally, Spiderman is one of the younger team members. Spiderman also fills the role of the joker in the group, cracking wise to lower the tension when every fight is life and death. Hopefully Marvel has this in mind and will use the new Spiderman from the reboot movie due out later this year.

Scarlet Witch: The daughter od Magneto, the reality-altering hex powers of the Scarlet Witch screwed up the Marvel universe something bad a few years ago in the comic books (House of M storyline). However, prior to that, Scarlet Witch had been a member of the Avengers for decades. The ability to shape reality to your whim could have powerful story implications of truly epic proportions.

Vision: an android with the ability to phase through walls, Vision is another Avenger that has been around since nearly the beginning. In the comic canon, Vision and Scarlet Witch fall in love and get married, so the romantic storyline can be an added plot point.

Wonderman: Possibly my favorite hero of the Marvel universe, Wonderman has invulnerability and super strength, and later gained flight. That being said, the strongman role is currently filled by Hulk, but I believe Wonderman could add some interesting tension to the group. Wonderman loves Scarlet Witch, and Vision’s AI was based off scans of Wonderman’s brain. This leads Wonderman, kind of rightly so, to believe that given the chance, Scarlet Witch would love him in return. Forever forced to play second fiddle to his android “brother”, Wonderman could be a compelling character.

US Agent: developed as a replacement for Captain America, US Agent has the same skill set, shield, etc. It would be entertaining seeing Cap and Agent trying to out-captain each other.

Wolverine: Of course Wolverine, he’s Wolverine for pete’s sake. This would help us erase  X-Men Origins: Wolverine from our memories, and would remind us of how great Wolverine is. As long as Hugh Jackman keeps taking whatever youth serum he has to maintain his ridiculous physique, Wolverine should be a lock for the sequel.

Iron Fist: He knows kung fu, he killed a dragon by punching it in the heart to earn the power of the Iron Fist, and he has the coolest costume ever. Nuff said.

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2 Responses to Who I want to see in the next Avengers movie

  1. Robert says:

    I want a Luke Cage/Iron Fist movie in the form of a 1980s buddy cop film.

  2. Wes J. says:

    Cleaning up the mean streets of New York, one hoodlum at a time.

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