Star Wars at the Discovery Science Center

During Christmas break (one of the many benefits of teaching) my wife and I decided to take the children to Disneyland (we have annual passes and hadn’t used them in awhile). The park opened at 9, and as we arrived just after 10, they were already diverting people away from the parking garage into overflow parking. We made an immediate unanimous decision to spend our day elsewhere. While my wife researched alternative locations, I seized the opportunity and suggested we visit the Discovery Science Center located a few miles away from Disneyland in Orange, CA. The science center is currently hosting a “Science of Star Wars” exhibit until April that I’ve wanted to see.

The Science Center is awesome. It’s two-stories and is filled to the brim with hands-on exhibits demonstrating a multitude of scientific concepts. My oldest is 3 and he loved it; the exhibits are geared towards probably 7-8 year olds, so you can get a lot of mileage out of it. Adult tickets are$ 14.95, and children are $12.95. I highly recommend the Science Center to families in the Inland Empire/Orange County area as an excellent way to have fun, and learn something useful at the same time.

However, the Star Wars exhibit is not included in the regular admission; to go through the Star Wars exhibit, it costs and additional $10. My wife was not okay with spending thirty more dollars to see an exhibit she could care less about. Outside the main building they have a tent labeled “The Millennium Falcon Experience” which costs another $5. The tent is pretty big, so I thought they might have a mock-up of the interior of the Falcon inside. I asked about what was in the tent, and it’s only a mock-up of the cockpit of the Falcon accompanied by a four and a half minute video narrated by Anthony Daniels (C-3PO). So I saw neither the Star Wars exhibit, nor experienced the Millennium Falcon.

While enjoying the rest of the science center, I could see into the Star Wars exhibit, and it looked liked something I would enjoy: Star Wars displays accompanied with explanations of the scientific principles involved. I also saw there was a full-size pod-racer from Episode I, which in and of itself looked worthwhile.

To see the entirety of the Star Wars items on display it’ll cost you $30. I already lost $15 at a Star Trek exhibit about a year ago, so thirty dollars seems steep. The extra monies required stems from one of two sources: the Science Center trying to earn some extra profit from the Star Wars lemmings; or perhaps they are only trying to cover the cost to rent the exhibit, or some combination of the two. I understand the Science Center likely doesn’t make much money, and must take advantage when they can, but still, $30? I know my brother wants to go to the exhibit, so I’ll probably check it out with him sometime soon.


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