Star Wars at LegoLand

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Living in Southern California, I am within an hour of all of the major amusement parks except for Six Flags which is a bit up the 5 freeway. LegoLand has been open for more than a decade if my memory serves me, but a few weekends ago was my first visit. The tickets always seemed too expensive ($70-80) to warrant a trip, but since my inlaws were paying for a trip for my son’s and nephew’s birthdays, sign me up.

The park is okay for adults and smaller children. The rides are definately aimed at the 8-12 year olds, but since they’re most likely the age group that buys the most Legos, it makes sense. My son and nephew are 3 and 6 respectivley, so alot of the rides they were too short for. The thing I liked most about the visit was the obscene amount of Legos that had been used to build replica city scapes and the like. There are Lego structures scattered throughout the park, but the center of the park is one giant Lego mini-world. One section of this has been dedicated to recreating scenes from the Star Wars trilogy, and these were very cool to look at. Because the scenes were about 1.5 times larger than the standard lego set, none of the scenes included little lego guys like you would get from the store. All the characters were made up of lego pieces, so it was interesting to see which pieces the designers had used to replicate the different characters. I’ve included pictures I took with my I-phone; mostly Star Wars stuff and some other items I thought were worthwhile.



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