One of the most enthusiastic responses I’ve ever got

As I have mentioned before, I play Dungeons and Dragons (follow the links in the tabs at the top of the page to see my campaign site!). Specifically, I am the Dungeon Master, or the guy who moderates/orchestrates/originates the gaming sessions. I cannot stress enough how I am not some guy in his mom’s basement. I have a wife, children, am a veteran of the Army, was an all-county football player in high school, and only started playing Dn’D like two years ago, because it seemed interesting. Sadly, when people think of Dn’D, they think of cape-clad nerds drinking Mountain Dew, fantasizing about ogre-women. This is not the norm for 99% of the games. At my game, we drink beer and roll dice, and the game is more like a medieval-fantasy themed version of Risk meets Choose-Your-Own-Adventure.

Anyhow, my brother is working out of state for the summer, so I am losing one of my regular players, so I decided to ask a colleague of mine if he would like to join us on Monday for a game of Dn’D. Most times when I ask someone to play, they look at me like I’m a crazy person, then politely decline the invitation. Not so with this gentleman; after asking him if he would like to play, I got an immediate, resounding “Dungeons and Dragons? Awesome! Yeah I’ll play on Monday!” I was taken aback by the raw emotion of the response, the level of joy expressed at a request I am normally replied to with awkward silence and uncomfortableness. This fellow has never played Dn’D before, and his only exposure to the game was from an episode of “Commuity” a few months ago (“Thursday nights at 8 on NBC! One of the best shows ever!” says me).

I had to explain that our game will be similar to the one portrayed on television, but I seriously think I am going to have a hard time living up to the expectations set forth, when normally the expectation is zero. As a final plea, please follow the tabs to my campaign site hosted by the fine folks at Obsidian Portal. I wrote all the content myself (even though I did plagiarize many of the names and concepts form Ursula K. LeGuin, so I thank her for such a gifted writer), so it would be nice is someone else other than myself and my players read the material, so I could get some feedback.

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