A Trio of Avian Adventures

About a week ago, as I was leaving the house to head out to class, I came face to face with a hawk. There’s a main thoroughfare that runs adjacent to my housing track, and there is always at least one hawk perched atop the street lights, but ususally the nearest raptor is 500 yards away, so the presence of a hawk in my front yard took me a minute to process.

I opened the front door, and ten feet away on my lawn, was what appeared to be a juvenile hawk standing proudly amidst a pile of what once was a pigeon. The hawk didn’t seem startled by my presence, as I was of his, he was merely annoyed that I had interrrupted his feeding. Reluctantly, the hawk flew away, figuring he could finish his meal after I left.

Not wanting to have a deceased pigeon on my lawn, I took a shovel, scooped it up, and dumped it on the curb. If he wanted to eat a pigeon, he could do it on public property. Within hours, all traces of the pigeon, save for a few feathers, had been erased. I have not seen a pigeon near my house since.

A few days after this event occurred, I was in the parking lot of our local Target, sitting in the car while my wife ran inside to get some things. As I was watching some small birds (finshes or some other similar type) peck at a pizza crust, what I can only assume was a turkey impersonating a crow (he was the biggest crow I’ve ever seen)came swooping in to claim the pizza crust as his own. This crow had talons, that went clack-clack upon the asphalt as he walked among the lesser birds who had been keeping his pizza crust company. The finches wisely gave a wide berth to this behemoth af a crow, subserviently bowing to his majesty as they retreated to the safety of their nearby tree. Satisfied at the proper show of respect, the crow scooped up the crust, took 3 powerful beats of his wings, and glided 2 feet above the ground for 100 yards until he got to the planter he had designated as his breakfast nook, to eat his crust in peace.

After the tyrant crow had left, the songbirds chirped furiously at each other, bickering about how best to bring about the demise of the self-proclaimed Lord of the Parking Lot, but were unable to come to a concensus. Sated with pizza crust, the Raven King returned, perching majestically atop a shopping cart handle, daring the other birds to oppose his rule. Needless to say, the crow continued to pick at scraps at his leisure, while the finches remained invisible in their tree, forced to watch with empty bellies.

Many years ago when was still a youth living with my parents, some pigeons had taken up residence under one of the eaves of our house, and made sure we didn’t forget the fact by incesantly cooing all day long. I had tried on multiple occasions to knock down their nest, but curse them, they had placed it just out of reach of my broom handle. Well, one day, one of the pigeons flew just a feather too low, and my dog Sprocket leapt up and snatched it out of midair. Chomp-Chomp-Swallow, end of pigeon. The entire pigeon went from airborn to my dog’s stomach in 2 seconds; never had another pigeon problem after that day.

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