Dungeons and Dragons and Lightsabers, oh my

For those of you that pop over to see my blog, sorry about not updating more frequently; by the time I am able to get some time in front of the keyboard, my mind is mush at the end of the day. Now on to the rest of the blog…

This Saturday the 21st is a Dungeons and Dragons World Game Day. These are events put together by the fine people in the marketing department at Wizards of the Coast to get people interested in the game Dungeoons and Dragons. I’ve been to a few, and found them enjoyable. I recommend the event for anyone curious about D&D. You are given a ready-made character, and with a group of 2-4 others, you play a short adventure, typically a few hours long. Click the following link to find a venue hosting the event in your area, or if you live near Riverside, the Adventurer’s Guild Riverside will have the event. It’s a small shop that caters exclusively to tabletop gaming, and they are always happy to have people stop by.

Secondly, I read online that George Lucas released previously unseen footage from Return of the Jedi at an Annual Star Wars event over the weekend. Apparently, the footage is of Luke building his new lightsaber, and was originally supposed to be in the film in the beginning before the scenes at Jabba’s palace. My question is, why so long to release new footage? Why not do it when he remastered the movies and added additonal footage when they were released to theatres in the late 90’s? George Lucas may be a lackluster director, but damn if he isn’t a savvy business man.

Lastly, my friend Kai over at the List posted last week about the movies that had the most effect on him in his youth, and I spent considerable time thinking of what my 5 movies would be. I’m still trying to determine the order, but I’ll post them later in the week. Thanks for reading, and please, feel free to comment.

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