Back into the Breach

Tomorrow (Friday) I go to UCR to attend my orientation for their teacher credentialing program. For the unfamiliar, I taught high school math for 2 years until I was let go summer of last year. The experience as a whole left a sour taste in my mouth, but having a year to reflect has me convinced that it was a pretty sweet deal, and worth pursuing, especially in today’s market. Hopefully I will be able to get a job teachingĀ this school year and work while I get my credential; if not, I’ll be forced to student teach (for free, no thank you).

I like to think that I have the potential to be an excellent teacher, and will be much better prepared this time around. I just need to remember that no matter how bad it gets, there’s always the summer. Fingers crossed that this all works out, cause I’m getting too old for all this variability in my employment.


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