For The Horde!!

I play World of Warcraft. Sad, I know. I have been playing for about 4 years now, and at times, the game is fantastic. The game will deliver that perfect blend of teamwork, luck, and visual refinement that transcends normal games. The greatness, and awfulness, of WoW is that to truly experience the game, you have to play with other people. Unlike many online games where you attempt to kill each other, WoW demands cooperation between characters, and when working with some teenage jerk-off in Des Moines,this leads to the inevitable experience of being forced to play with self-serving, rude, horrible people.

If you are blessed/cursed with a wide-open schedule bereft of familial obligtions, you can become a hard-core raider who plays all the end-game content, and always has the nicest gear, and the most badass weapons. This will never be me. I do not play enough, nor at regularly schedules times to be this person. I am of no real use to my guild (a group of online people I regularly played with who collectively called themselves Crimson Storm, kinda like an online version of a gang, but with magic and swords instead of firearms), because I am never online when they might need me. Being forced to always attempt the more advanced content with a group of strangers with no vested interest in each other, and getting no appreciable advances in the game as a result, made me sad and frustrated, and in May, I quit the game.

I told myself that I would hold out until the new expansion which will likely be released sometime in the first half of next year. I lasted 2 months. My return to the soul-sucking game that is WoW was caused by 2 things. First, I’ve been watching webisodes of a hilarious series called The Guild, and it kinda made me miss WoW. Secondly, there is hardly anything worthwhile on television during the summer, so I find myself getting very bored at night. After a few days back behind the reins of Maunaloa, the game is pretty much as I left it. I’ll play it for a bit, get it out of my system, then probably hang up the keyboard again for awhile. We’ll see.

Here is a music video by the people that do The Guild, and then just a funny World of Warcraft video.″></param><param″></param><param

I’m having some trouble figuring out how to embed videos in the post, but if you follow the links, you’ll see the movies.

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