The Crying Game, and other spoilers

If you have not seen The Crying Game, The Sixth Sense, The Usual Suspects, or Empire Strikes Back, please stop reading. Continuing to do so will undo the very reason I am writing this post. Also, foul language is used. I try to keep it to a minimum, but sometimes profanity is the best way to make a point.

I saw The Crying Game for the first time the other night, and it was an excellent film. worthy of its 5 stars. But, I already knew about the “plot twist” that occurs in the film, and have known about this plot twist since my high school football coach/history teacher Mr. Matney referenced it sometime in 1996. Since then, knowing the big reveal, I did not feel a need to ever see The Crying Game, but noticed it was on IFC, so I recorded it on my DVR to save for later. Again, it was a good use of my time, and knowing the twist did not detract from the film because it occured half-way through, and not at the end like I thought. The reason I bring this up is because I believe we as a society need to learn to keep our goddamn mouths shut when it comes to revealing twists in movies, especially when they are of the degree from the films mentioned in the disclaimer.

I was lucky enough to see The Sixth Sense on opening weekend when it came out, and for the first, and probably last time, I was completely taken unawares by the ending of the movie. Holy Shit, what a great twist ending. Poor M. Night, forever forced to be measured against his greatest work, which sadly, was his first. “The movie is okay, but it’s no Sixth Sense.” Of course it’s not, your comparing a movie to the motherfucking Sixth Sense!! I will always have faith in you M. Night, despite crap like The Last Airbender.

I have not seen The Usual Suspects. I have however been unfortunate to go to a friends house and walk in the front door just in time to see the last 5 minutes of the film. I know who Keyser Soze is. I am sure it is an excellent film, but when you already know the ending to a whodunnit, why bother?

Lastly, I knew the line, “Luke, I am your father.” before I even knew what Empire Strikes Back was. Oscillating fan anyone? How cool would it have been to have seen that in theatres and actually felt some of Luke’s pain, not already knowing that our hero was the spawn of the galaxies most fearsome villain?

If you see a movie with a great twist ending, please, please, don’t give the ending away, ever. Not even on your death-bed. This goes to society as a whole. If you ovehear someone giving the end of a movie away, call them an asshole and kick them in the shins. Don’t even hint that there is a twist ending, because the audience will then be searching for it, and given the quality of writing on most films, they will figure it out before it occurs. That goes to movie producers that include the fact that there is a twist ending in the marketing. Don’t they realize this cheapens the experience? Everytime I hear Mr. Announcer-man say, “This movie has a twist ending that you’ll never see coming.” I think to myself, not likely. You’ve just informed me of the twist and now I will be looking for it.

If you see a movie with a great twist ending, do everyone a favor, and keep it to yourself. Lastly, is it wrong that I thought Dil was kinda hot?


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One Response to The Crying Game, and other spoilers

  1. Kaiderman says:

    It was his sleigh! haha
    How can you not have seen The Usual Suspects? WTF?
    Also, Unbreakable is M. Night’s best film!

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